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Winter Outposts 



Browns' Clearwater West Lodge, is home to not just one, but two world-record ice-fishing lake trout catches that still stand to this day!   Known for producing world record-size trout in the wintertime, Browns' is a prime destination for the die-hard trout angler!  Clearwater West Lake gets its name for exactly that, pristine clear water that is deep and cold; two basic ingredients in the foundation of any good lake trout lake. 


 Clearwater West Lake flows into White Otter Lake, which is equally as pristine and remote.   Known for trout, walleye and bass (summer) fishing, White Otter is also home to the White Otter Castle.  Completed in 1915 by woodman, Jimmy McOuat, this castle stands as a testament to man's perseverance, determination, dedication and stamina.  


 When you first arrive at Browns' you will park and off-load your snow machine, gear and other items at the main Lodge.  From there you and your group will travel across the lake to one of our rustic, remote outposts for an epic adventure!   Each outpost is on the shores of beautiful Clearwater West Lake is fronted by a magnificent view and is only minutes away from world-class fishing grounds!!  


Enjoy some time reconnecting with the basics while being disconnected from the business of life; each outpost is modestly furnished with all you need to do just that! The heat source is that of a woodstove, with easily accessible fuel in the woodshed just outside each outpost; pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery equip the kitchen for meal preparation; there is a BBQ on the deck complete with propane and ample sled parking next to each Outpost!  Choose your target species of walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass, northern pike or whitefish on Clearwater West Lake or travel to one of our remote neighbouring lakes for even more adventure!  Take a day and snow machine to the White Otter Castle and enjoy a day learning about the legendary Jimmy McOuat and his quest to build himself and his bride a castle in the woods!

Winter Pricing

2-3 People, 4-night Minimum

$90.00 per Adult Nightly

$540.00 per Adult Weekly

4-5 People, 3-night Minimum

$90.00 per Adult Nightly

$540.00 per Adult Weekly

Best Value:
10% discount applied to a party of 6 or more (adults)!

6 adults, 3-night minimum

$90.00 per adult nightly

$540.00 per adult weekly

Things to Know:



Snowmachines and your own fishing gear are a must, however, for those who do not have snowmachines, we do have a limited number available for rent. A valid driver's license is required and drivers must be a minimum of 18 years old.  While staying in the outposts, you will need bedding, tea towels, dish cloth and towels and all personal consumables including potable water.

Registration cards are to be completed in the vestibule of the Lodge prior to departing for your designated outpost. All truck/car licence plates must be included on the registrations.  Unregistered vehicles may be towed at the owner's expense.   Please contact the Lodge before your arrival for complete details.  At this time we will provide maps, directions to the outpost and tips and tricks for rigging as well as answer all other questions you may have about staying at one of our outposts.  Please feel free to contact at any time for any additional questions that might pop up within your group!   

Pack it in, pack it out!  All trash is to be brought back to the Lodge and placed in the designated area.  Additional fees will be applied for trash left in outposts.


Outposts are to be left in the same condition as they were upon check-in; additional cleaning fees may be charged if the outpost is left in an undesirable condition.

Packages must be paid at the time of booking, 90-day cancellation applies


Deposits are non-refundable but transferable in the same calendar year, under the same reservation holder

Children discounts will only be applied to winter reservations when travelling with 6 or more adults.


Guide services are available for an additional fee.  Please contact the office for price and availability.

For more information, please contact the office at 1-800-900-4240

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