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Come visit our  "Happy Place" 


[O]ur friends moved away from Thunder Bay to London a few years ago, they make the trek back to  Browns' so we can all be together for a week!

-Gwen Gamble
Guest since 2013

Photo Courtesy W. Cameron

We were introduced to Brown’s in 2010 when our close friend invited my family out for a weekend. She had been coming with her family since she was baby and wanted to share her piece of paradise. One weekend and we were hooked! Even bought a trailer for the next season and brought out our 5 week old (note that tenting it with 3 kids under 5 was hard!). We have been coming every year and even added a few more kids to enjoy the experience. Each year we add more days and are hopeful to eventually find a place to make our seasonal home . The staff and owners are amazing, caring and all around great people that are turning into family! This is our getaway from the business of life and I count down the days until check-in each year. I hope one day my grandkids can enjoy the breathtaking getaway that is Brown’s

-Wendi Cameron
Guest since 2010


-Willy& Stuart McKay
Guest since 1980's

We’ve been going to Clearwater for 45 years now-prior to Brown’s purchasing the lodge. We originally came with Al & Shirley Smith as well as Brenda & Tauno (Kankkunen) Karhu. We were the only ones on the beach back then for 2 full weeks. It took us as long to get to Atikokan from Thunder Bay as to get from Atikokan to Clearwater. It was a very rough road. Once we got there we loved it from the moment we first arrived. No freezer service back then, no fancy washrooms, no fridges, just ice boxes & coolers in our campers/ tents but we somehow managed. We got the sawdust covered ice from the ice shack. This was the only place we could actually say that we were able to relax & recharge on our holidays & we continued to come back year after year bringing lots of friends & family with us along the way who continue to come to this day. The kids learned to kneel board, water ski, etc. With help & encouragement from everyone. Nice to see our kids all come back year after year with their families. Love this place.

-Marilyn Burnside
Guest since 1977

Our Happy Place
Our Happy Place
Our Happy Place
Our Happy Place
Our Happy Place

We have enjoyed coming to Brown’s since the early 1980’s.  We started out with a group of friends with kids.  Our kids grew up each summer together during our holiday time . There was always something to do for them.  Hang with cousins and friends, play in the sand, swim in the water, ride their bikes, go for walks, enjoy nature, adventure to another beach, catch fish, marshmallows and spiderdogs  by the campfire, and fish frys.  We love long the sand beach , the clearest water you can imagine,  the beautiful sunsets, the peacefulness, the northern lights and especially the people. Everyone is always so friendly.  You could not ask for a better vacation place.


Our kids are now grown and each year they are out at Brown’s again, along with their kids. Now our grandkids are enjoying all the wonderful times Brown’s has to offer.

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